Frequently Asked Questions



When can I start consulting a paediatrician?

As soon as your baby is born. However if you have a high risk pregnancy, make an appointment. We are available to chat before the baby is born.

I'm a first-time mum. Is it normal to be worried about giving birth?

Anxeity is natural for many first time mums. Speak with your gynecologist where you have got concerns.



What should i know at my 2 year old's check-up?

Ask questions about his weight, height and growth. Ask questions that address how your child is developing.

When should I call my doctor about a fever?

When your child has high temperature over an extended time.

New Born

How do I know if my baby has diarrhoea?

Frequent watery stools. If you are worried, make an appointment to see us.

Is my newborn constipated if they don't pass stool often?

A new born baby can pass stools 8 times in a day or once a week.

When should i start my baby on solid food, at 6 weeks or 4 months or 6 months?

A baby who is growing well should start solids at 6 months of age. Discuss this in detail at your baby’s 6 months consultation.


How to Reach Us

Where are you situated?

Our practice is in Johanesburg, South Africa.

I am not based in South Africa, can we consult you?

Yes, we see patients from outside the country. Contact us for more information.